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Kunstenaar Daniels

"Born in West Virginia in 1969, the artist Daniels holds both a Bachelor degree and a Masters in Fine Art. ""Most everything I seeā€¦ that interests me ends up in my work in some way or another,"" explains Daniels. ""I am surrounded by it every day."" Inspired by the rural beauty of nature and his childhood memories of growing up on a farm, Daniels finds his subject matter in the grandeur of the great outdoors and enjoys rendering the complexities of the organic plan and animal life that nature has to offer. He has come to appreciate a mastery of the tactile sensuality of surface texture and often abstracts images of what he finds in nature with intricate layers of modelling paste overlaid with fine washes of colour. Daniels delights in working with clay, mixed-media and acrylic, whatever he can find to translate his environment into a personal, contemporary expression of art. He attributes much of his creative evolution to artists like Stephen Destabler and is influenced by Daisy Youngblood. When he is not creating art, Daniels enjoys motorcycling, hiking and travelling."

Van deze kunstenaar zijn helaas geen kunstwerken meer zichtbaar op Artline Artpublishing.